Electric Traction, Suppliers of AC traction solutions in the UK

ETL supplied the complete livery package for the Class 87 export programme, including artwork, supply of vinyls and paint, application diagrams and mock-ups.

Digital livery mock-ups have been created for many clients both commercial and heritage.

The retro Inter-City branding for the Cargo-D Mk3 set was created by our team, including bodyside wording, data panels and running numbers.

An expanding range of graphic vinyls suitable for railway applications, including data panels, TOPS numbers, BR arrows (thick and thin) in any size; nameplate mock-ups, large-logo numbers, depot stickers, etc.

Those shown represent some of the heritage range - we can draw up other designs to your requirements.

Several heritage locomotives carry or have carried ETL-supplied numerals and/or logos, including 13000 (numbers and lion/wheel), 26007 (numbers and logos), 33111, 37025 (large-logo numbers), 37275 (numbers, one side), 37321 (large-logo numbers), 47401, 86101, 86401, 82008 and 89001.