Electric Traction, Suppliers of AC traction solutions in the UK


Electric Traction Ltd is an established independent provider of AC Traction solutions in the UK.

We specialise in providing AC electric locomotives for main line and static use on the UK railway network.

Our growing fleet provides a low-cost, environmentally beneficial alternative to running diesels under the wires, using tried and tested, reliable locomotive types.

About Electric Traction

Electric Traction Ltd's unique specialisation in AC electric motive power has developed over 10 years of dedication to the maintenance and operation of AC traction.

We have over 100 years of combined experience to call upon, and our expertise and knowledge base has generated a wide range of activities, including the operation of our developing UK main-line loco fleet.

Most recent news:

After an extensive overhaul at Leicester TMD and final commissioning at Willesde...

Recent and Existing Customers

Network Rail, DB Schenker, GB Railfreight, Hull Trains, Cargo-D (locomotive hire); Bralesford Engineering (locomotive parts); RailCare, Alstom, HNRC (graphics).